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  5. FDA and 23andMe- is there a Hubris Gene? — December 6, 2013

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Apr 26

Puget Sound High Value Network’s Pursuit of Value


The April 25th “Hold Us Accountable” event in the Fairmont Olympic Hotel’s Spanish Ballroom was quite an event. The ballroom was packed- I’m no crowd estimate expert but it seemed like several hundred people, all treated to a grilled chicken lunch and what only a few years ago would have seemed an unlikely panel of competing …

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Jan 16

David Bowie and the Cancer Moonshot

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 8.24.24 PM

In the remarkable first fortnight of 2016 we learned of the death by cancer of David Bowie, oddly coincidental with the release of his final, astonishingly precient music videos “Backstar” and “Lazarus“. Two days later, during his final State of the Union Address, President Obama made the historical analogy of the Kennedy administration’s space program:  “Sixty years ago, when …

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Jun 26

What does the Digital Health Platform Competition Mean for Startups?


In May and June 2014 we saw announcements from Apple, Google, and Samsung about aggregating the health and fitness tracking data from wearable devices and smartphones. These announcements  serve as validation that the convergence of personal fitness tracking data with clinically relevant biometrics is accelerating and that the smartphone and wearable devices are at the center …

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Feb 01

Personal Health Records and the Seeds of Disruptive Innovation


April 26, 2004  President George W. Bush gave a speech to the American Association of Community Colleges in which he said “…Within 10 years, every American must have a personal electronic medical record,” Bush said. “That’s a good goal for the country to achieve. The federal government has got to take the lead in order …

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Dec 06

FDA and 23andMe- is there a Hubris Gene?


Most readers of this blog may already know that 23andMe is an innovative Silicon Valley company backed by Google Ventures that has been providing affordable genetic tests to consumers indicating their genetic risks for certain diseases.  It explicitly does not provide diagnoses.  The recent controversy around the FDA’s crackdown on 23andMe has been very instructive.  …

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Aug 31

Is the healthcare industry ready for the consumer?


I moderated the panel/audience discussion at the Seattle Health Innovation Forum this week that explored the convergence of healthcare, wellness, and population health management. It became clear that while the health industry may not be ready for the savvy consumer, health services consumers – and many providers- are increasingly ready for a better experience. The …

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Aug 14

Will healthcare price transparency drive consolidation?

People of a certain age remember a time in the 1990’s when the “World Wide Web” was cool and new and you could get a free browser from Mosaic and a supported browser from Netscape for about $45. Then a certain dominant software company that made it’s money through operating systems and office suites decided …

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Aug 07

Lean Outsourcing and Distributed Teams


On Monday evening (August 5, 2013)  I attended a panel discussion at Seattle’s SURF incubator on the issues startups face with distributed teams and outsourced teams. The panel was organized and facilitated by Lara Feltin, CEO of Biznik. The panelists included David Tyler, a Y-combinator grad and currently with Cloudant with teams in Boston, Seattle, …

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Jul 23

Are we asking the right healthcare price transparency questions?


The increasing popularity of higher deductible health plans have made prices relevant to an increasing number of patients. This is driving increased demands that payers and providers provide tools and data to better inform consumers of expected prices of planned procedures. I am convinced that increased consumer participation in paying for their health care is, …

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Jul 17

2013 Life Science Innovation Northwest Health IT Highlights


The need for demonstrable return on investments in health IT and biotechnology was a theme I heard repeatedly at the Life Science Innovation Northwest conference held in Seattle July 10-11. Sponsored by the Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association, this year was the first time that they offered a separate Health IT track for a half …

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