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Feb 01

Personal Health Records and the Seeds of Disruptive Innovation


April 26, 2004  President George W. Bush gave a speech to the American Association of Community Colleges in which he said “…Within 10 years, every American must have a personal electronic medical record,” Bush said. “That’s a good goal for the country to achieve. The federal government has got to take the lead in order …

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Dec 06

FDA and 23andMe- is there a Hubris Gene?


Most readers of this blog may already know that 23andMe is an innovative Silicon Valley company backed by Google Ventures that has been providing affordable genetic tests to consumers indicating their genetic risks for certain diseases.  It explicitly does not provide diagnoses.  The recent controversy around the FDA’s crackdown on 23andMe has been very instructive.  …

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Feb 12

3 Reasons To Postpone ICD-10


Six years ago I worked on a program to implement an advanced system of clinical terminology for the National Health Service in England. The exciting new terminology was called SNOMED-CT. The   “old” terminology was ICD-10. I remember the terminology advisory meetings with clinicians and administrators about the limitations of ICD-10 and how SNOMED-CT would …

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Apr 02

The Engaged Patient: Convergence of Medical Informatics and Integrated Healthcare Marketing


Awareness of “Patient Engagement” has grown over the past 5 years and will certainly accelerate now that it is included as part of the Stage 2 “meaningful use” proposed rules. The notion of consumer engagement initially grew from the advertising industry as a by-product of the increasingly interactive internet phenomena of consumers posting comments on …

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Sep 04

David Foster Wallace and the Meaning of “Meaningful Use”

Since my last blog post in early summer I’ve been working on a strategic project for an integrated delivery system.  I am excited about this project because of the great people who work there and because of the uncommon creative opportunities  of working with an organization that combines a research mission, a care delivery mission, and a …

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Apr 26

Bi Partisan Policy Council


Dr. Mostahari joined former Democratic Senator Tom Daschle and former Republican Senator Bob Bennett to discuss the promise of Health Information Technology today.  My favorite quote was from Sen. Bennett: “Everybody is in favor of Health IT”. Tom Daschle said “This is the most transformational time in our history, with regards to Health.” This was …

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Apr 06

Brand Building and Healthcare IT

At a press conference in Washington DC today, top executives from five prominent health systems announced a consortium to securely share electronic patient information with each other. The members of this consortium include the Mayo Clinic, Geisinger, Kaiser Permanente, Intermountain Healthcare, and Group Health Cooperative.  It is notable that these organizations do not compete with …

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