Integration Strategies for a changing world
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Who We Are

We are an integrated services agency serving innovators in the healthcare industry and related life science and human services organizations. Agate Point helps organizations understand and connect with their customers, and to integrate technical solutions, business processes, and AI to achieve their business objectives.


What We Do

We provide integrated product development, marketing, and business development services to health sector companies and institutions.
The benefits we offer from our services include:

Strategic Effectiveness

One common problem we address is that solution developers lack a holistic understanding of their customers. We bring clarity, via proven empirical methods and our unique experience, yielding new insights into their customers’ worlds.  For new companies and for international firms entering the US market, understanding how their products and services will affect the clinical and administrative workflows is essential. 

Positive customer experiences

The customer experience for a new product or service begins before the customer is aware of your brand identity. Creating loyal customers who actively promote the company’s services is not accidental. It grows from rigorous, iterative, design thinking and learning. Through our marketing services- digital and “in real life” experiences we help our clients create better customer experiences and build lasting brand value.

Regulatory compliance

Healthcare is a trust-driven industry. All stakeholders need confidence that their partners are compliant with quality, confidentiality, and security regulations. This requires an orchestrated set of administrative and technical controls governing HIPAA privacy and security and may require documented compliance with the FDA Quality System Regulation (CFR Part 820). Through our network of affiliated quality consultants we can provide independent risk assessments, gap analyses, and a clear pathway to compliance.


How We Do It


  • Situation analysis
  • Tech Assessment
  • Org Development 
  • M&A Support


  • Human Centered
  • Collaborative
  • Iterative prototyping
  • Solutions archicture


  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Quality System 
  • Development process
  • Culture of Quality


  • Executive Services
  • Business Development
  • Program Management
  • Marketing Operations