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Agate Point Consulting LLC was formed in 2011 to provide program management, marketing, and business development services to innovative companies making a positive impact on society.  Since its founding, the company has been a reliable partner and has made a difference to clients worldwide. 

Over the years, we have developed trusted relationships with business, marketing, and design professionals who can become part of a team supporting our customers.  Collaboratively with client organizations, we can mobilize the necessary resources to meet customer needs.

Where is Agate Point?

Agate Point is the name of the northern tip of Bainbridge Island, Washington and is where Agate Point Consulting LLC calls home.

portrait of Alfred Thomas AgateThe passage was named for Alfred Thomas Agate in 1841. He was the designated portrait and botanical artist on the United States Exploring Expedition of 1838-1843. His detailed illustrations of indigenous peoples still provide insights into the cultures of pacific islanders and first nations of the US pacific coast.

As stated by the Suquamish Tribe:

“This land is within the ancestral territory of the suq̀ʷabš “People

of Clear Salt Water” (Suquamish People). Expert fisherman, canoe

builders and basket weavers, the suq̀ʷabš live in harmony with the

lands and waterways along Washington’s Central Salish Sea as they

have for thousands of years. Here, the suq̀ʷabš live and protect the

land and waters of their ancestors for future generations as

promised by the Point Elliot Treaty of 1855.”


Why Agate Point

Pragmatic Methods

We bring unique insights and a methods toolbox for abstracting situations for strategic insight.


Our prize-winning integration skills combine multiple perspectives and complement clients’ capabiliites,

Cross-Industry understanding

Our experience working with hospitals, physicians, insurance companies, government agencies, researchers, and industry trade groups provides insights and innovation.


Edmund Butler

Edmund Butler



Ed Butler provides strategic marketing, program management, and commercialization services. He has served in leadership roles for 40 years, including labor relations, state government, information technology, biotechnology, and AI medical device development.  He has been a hands-on producer his entire career, and is comfortable as an individual contributor, a program manager, and as a senior executive. 

Vera Ranguelova

Vera Ranguelova

Senior Designer & User Experience Consultant


Vera is passionate about visual design strategy and the enhanced user experience. She focuses on the importance of team collaboration and the integration of business, technology, and user goals. Her career path is influenced by intricate switches between medical sciences and art, analytical and visual site of design, her native country Bulgaria and the United States. She has M.D. degree from Bulgaria, M.A. in studio art and design from the University of Iowa, and User-Centered Design Certificate from the University of Washington. During her design career, she has worked for large healthcare providers, such as Providence Health and Services, Swedish Medical Center, and early stage venture-funded companies.

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