As a result of increased strategic clarity, organizations often become acutely aware of gaps in their operational capabilities. As a follow-on to Agate Point’s business strategy consulting we offer operational assistance. Organizations sometimes need interim or fractional resources able to hit the ground running. Our network of consultants provides a strong talent pool for helping our clients to address urgent needs.

Executive Services

Our team has excellent senior leadership experience and can be seconded to client organizations to fill critical vacancies while recruiting continues, or as part-time resources until business conditions warrant a full time hire. We are well-suited for such roles as fractional or interim CEO, COO, Chief of Staff, Head of Product, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Regulatory Compliance Officer, VP Business Development, and others.

Program Management Services

Many organizations find during their growth stages that at a certain point that the informal ways they managed teams no longer work. We bring a pragmatic, just-enough-process approach to managing multiple projects so that the risks inherent in developing new products and services can be reduced. Getting everyone on the same page with clear, simple mechanisms for project charters, progress reporting, and scope management makes a difference.

Marketing Operations Services

Marketing technologies have grown exponentially over the past 10 years. The importance of customer segmentation, micro-targeting, search engine optimization, and a variety of marketing analytics has never been more crucial. These are specialized skills. It takes time to build effective marketing operations. We can help.