Product Design

Product design is multifaceted, and in its highest form expresses the convergence of the human need being addressed, the simplicity of interaction, and the inherent technical and behavioral relevance within its overall context. The following are a few examples of design projects in which our team members were key participants…

Radiology AI

While working with a Medical Imaging Analytics AI company, I participated in the inception of an exciting application that is currently going through the regulatory process. Once cleared for clinical use I believe it will provide important benefits both to patients to and clinicians. This is a “software medical device that executes “deep learning” AI algorithms capable of detecting specific urgent conditions. The integration into the workflow is very subtle and, when implemented, may require no additional user interactions, ie, it is click free. For more information see this press article.

Population Health

One of my favorite design projects was for a mobile app for use by patients with chronic conditions to set and track behavioral change goals. This was a strategic initiative of a large medical group practice in the Northwest and was intended to improve outcomes by better integrating multiple personal goals, and by increasing a sense of agency and self-empowerment. My role was day to day leadership of the initiative, including daily participation with the design agency. We interviewed dozens of people, including patients and clinicians in order determine what problems they faced and what kinds of product concepts would be most useful. After brainstorming and then testing rival concepts we created a clickable prototype to illustrate what a “Health Action Plan” might consist of. This was then validated with further interviews and with recorded usability tests of alternative features.

Patient Engagement

Several years ago a long-time personal friend received a diagnosis of terminal cancer after a routine checkup. At the time her daughter was 12. She let her friends and family know, and a community formed to support her through this period. She was fortunate enough to have a strong network of friends in the healthcare profession and the personal strength to continue to live a very productive life for over 8 years. During this period I designed a mobile-first application prototype intended to help other cancer patients achieve a degree of control over their cancer experiences. The application combined aspects of a personal health record, complete with diagnostic images, and a way to engage family, friends, and medical professionals. With a pathologist colleague and co-founder we formed a company, Videris Health, to pursue this vision.