Case Studies

Business Strategy

Healthcare business in the USA has unique characteristics because of the blend of government, employer, private insurance, and individual payment responsibilities.  Our approach to business strategy is pragmatic and grounded.

Strategic Planning

Our consultants have  facilitated and participated in many executive retreats to define missions, values, and budget priorities. We bring structured methodologies designed to help management teams see their opportunities and challenges differently. Examples of executive strategy facilitation include-

·      Business Model Canvas work sessions with several startups

·      Strategy for individual health insurance market – Blue Cross affiliate

·      Annual global product planning cycles for a large trans-national healthcare manufacturer

·      IT planning for a 16-hospital integrated delivery system 

Technology Assessments

Our team is exceptionally experienced at performing technology assessments for customers. Examples include-

·      AI applications for private radiology practices

·      Hospital website redesign requirements and agency selection 

·      Evidence-based medicine primary research

Marketing Plans

Our team members have developed marketing plans for several organizations:

·      Digital health products of a heath IT manufacturer, including perinatal, anesthesia, EMR, clinical lab, and critical care products

·      Marketing plans for several early stage companies, including digital pathology, radiology AI, and a health innovation professional association

Competitive Intelligence

We know how to use legitimate means to discover key aspects of competitor strategies. Recent examples include-

·      Healthcare AI companies

·      Liquid biopsy companies

·      Radiology AI companies

·      Precision Medicine companies

·      Electronic Health Record (EHR) companies

Organizational Development

Our team members have years of experience managing organizational change so that the capacity for growth can be created from functions that are no longer needed as much. Examples include

·      State agency reorganizations

·      Consolidation of test engineering in a large software company

·      Creation of a clinical informatics team for a large health IT vendor

·      Facilitation of executive retreats


We have been through several mergers and acquisitions and understand the challenges of blending cultures, management teams, and dealing with the insecurity of key staff members and customers. Examples include

·      Due diligence for a proposed acquisition of a health IT vendor 

·      Post-acquisition integration of a 2,500-employee health IT vendor 

·      Merger of three government agencies into one